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Additional Equipment for Making Salami and Other Fermented Sausages

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Fermentation Box

Inside the drying chamber

What I use:

The key to dry curing meat is controlling the fermentation process and the drying process.  As you can see from the list above, it doesn’t take much more equipment to ferment sausages than to make fresh ones.   There are some big ticket items in here, a drying chamber and hygrostat are the most expensive on the list, but there are cheap alternatives to most of the items (I’ve listed them below).  It really depends on your environment and what kind of controls (or lack of) you are comfortable with.

Cheap Alternatives:

The only way you’ll know if these cheaper alternatives will work in your environment is to test them out.   I would only try them if I had both hydrometer and thermometer so you can see if they are viable solutions.  Test all of your equipment solutions before you start a batch of meat and take the time to dial it in before so you don’t lose a batch like I did.

Coming soon:  how to assemble everything


Basic Equipment List

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Here’s the basic list of equipment I have for making home-made meat products.  Links are to the products I use personally:

Fresh sausage, hot dogs, smoked sausage, salami, fermented sausages all start with the same basic equipment:

The only additional piece of equipment you need to make hot dogs is a food processor.  In it you emulsify the hot dog meat before stuffing it into casings.

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