Bradley 6-Rack Digital Smoker

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Bradley 6-Rack Digital Smoker

There are a lot of choices out there for smokers. Over the years I’ve used my gas barbeque (using indirect heat) with a wood chip box, and a 55-gallon food grade steel drum with holes drilled into it. Now I use a Bradley 6-Rack Digital Smoker with digital controls because I don’t want to constantly be checking to see if the wood needs to be replinished and I can set the temperature and not worry about it. The temp does fluctuate dramatically (10 degrees +/-) and there is room for improvement in its heat control, but at least it has a digital read-out on the exterior of the unit that I only have to check every once in a while and can be read from 20 feet away.

Partially Burned Bradley Biscuit

The Bradley Smokers use proprietary wood biscuits but the benefit is that they have an autofeed tube that hold eight hours of wood (strangely, the digital controller can only be set for four hours at a time, an annoyance if you want to smoke anything overnight and don’t want to wake up half way through). The biscuits are fed into the smoker one by one and when spent they fall into the water dish below.

Inside the Bradley Smoker

Six racks in the smoker may sound like a lot, but the reality is I rarely use the racks. The benefit to the six rack smoker is the internal volume as I can hang more meat in the taller smoker. It also means the meat is further away from the heat source so the meat drying out during the smoking and cooking process is less of a problem than with a shorter smoker.

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