Nose-to-Tail Cooking from the Butchering Event

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I received an email from Christina who attended the hog butchering event with Neal Fraser and enjoyed it so much I asked her if I could repost it.  Salud to Christina who is embracing nose-to-tail cooking — thanks for sharing!


Hey Fred! Got so caught actually cooking my pig parts that I totally forgot to email you.  Anyhow, wanted to send you a few photos about my progress with the “nasty/tasty bits.”

Pig Tail and Trotter

I made a fried pig tail, and cooked the trotter. Verdict: tastes delicious but the effort and resources that went into actually cooking it it might be better saved for the restaurants. I’ll eat mine at Lazy Ox from now on.  Shaving and burning bristles off were also a… treat? I made a handful of fried pig skins.   Super delicious and will definitely be making more. They’re like extra bad-for-you chips. And the Country Rib Roast I split apart and just did a basic rub with pan fry, and a panko fried chop.  It was excellent!

Fried Pig Skins, Pork Rinds, Cracklings, or Chicharrón

Currently 10-days in on the guanciale curing/drying process. Just strung it up to dry in my fridge this last weekend. It’s kind of hilarious because I ssentially have a hunk of raw meat drying in my fridge. Not sure how this is going to work out but it looks like it’s going along beautifully so far. I used a banana hook to hang up the meat in the fridge and put a bowl of rice grains underneath to help keep the air dry. My rationale was that if rice will dry a cell phone why not absorb humidity in the fridge? Yes? No? Hi.Larious either way. Would appreciate your advice if you’ve ever made guanciale. No clue what I’m doing here, just making it up as I go.

Guanciale in Christina's refrigerator

Haven’t tackled the porchetta di testa yet, it’s still in my freezer. Thinking about doing that in the next couple weeks. Not looking forward to shaving it.

Loved the class, had an amazing time!  Let me know if/when you do another class. Maybe Hog Butchering 201 is that we all get our own small pig to butcher?  Hands-on learning. :)


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